Customer Testimonials

Outset Media Games
September 11, 2017
Hello from Moncton, NB! He’s visiting Wheaton’s, where it feels like home! Not only are the games & puzzles on sale, but so is the furniture used to display them. They have a wonderful down to earth atmosphere and we encourage you to visit any one of their six locations in Berwick, Sackville, Halifax, Dartmouth, Fredericton, or Moncton!


Helen McHugh‎
August 11, 2017
I want to give a big thank you to the store in Fredericton who has made it possible for those of us who are handicapped to shop in their store. The staff are so helpful and it was a pleasure shopping there today….. Thank you….and God Bless


April Zwicker Murphy‎
April 18, 2017
I made my first visit to your Sackville store this past weekend to get this popcorn maker. I cannot wait for the new Berwick store to open; being from the valley; that’s MY Wheaton’s! And being in the store made me realize again just how much I love it and how much it’s been missed here. So excited for opening day!!


Alicia Heinle Kirk
March 17, 2017
Dearest Karen at the Lower Sackville store, this evening I’m enjoying the apple scented tart I got 40% off today, does the lamp look familiar too? Also enjoying the sound of two little kids who have literally not stopped talking for the past hour due to half of a large bag of candy consumed during the car ride home. WOW. Thank you, as always!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Cindy Hannon‎
March 5, 2017
Your staff at the Halifax store are very pleasant and accommodating. Yesterday I visited the store with an item I had purchased a few months ago. They replaced this item with no hassle. Very professional sales staff and the Manager very professional and courteous. I bought some more items but in my excitement,  there were a couple more items I was going to buy but forgot. That’s good though because it gives me reason to go back again this week to buy them. Great store. Wonderful management and staff.


Roxanne Lasko
January 5, 2017
FEELING HAPPY: I just opened the box that my new Wesley Allen bed arrived in, & it is just perfect. I love the farmhouse look, & the color is exactly what I had hoped for.


Veronica Faulkner‎
September 2, 2016
This has been, and still remains, one of my favourite shops, especially when looking for gifts for friends and family who reside elsewhere in Canada or throughout the world. It was great when Wheaton’s opened their shops in Sackville and Dartmouth Crossing although it was always a great day trip to their original store in the Valley.


Donna Horsman
September 2, 2016
Always a pleasure to visit this store.


Laurel Anne Smith‎
September 1, 2016
Love everything about Wheaton’s, Friendly staff, coffee selections, and the unique decorations available in all seasons.


Sheila Hall-Mclaughlin
July 29, 2016
I have always enjoyed shopping at your stores. Berwick, Sackville and lately Bayer’s Lake. Yesterday July 28th, 2016, two of your employees at the Bayer’s Lake Store went above and beyond when they delivered a TV stand we had just purchased. We are tickled pink with our purchase and we want to say again a big Thank You to the ladies. I only wish I had gotten their names. Sheila and Gary McLaughlin


‎Kristina Grace Finley-Gillis‎
May 9, 2016
As so many people know Wheaton’s is one of my favourite places in the valley! On a rainy day on October 25, 2014 they were kind enough to offer their beautiful verandas and grounds up for me to have my wedding photos taken. It was the perfect setting for my Halloween wedding. I have tremendous memories from that day and it was a place I could also go to and have fond memories about Peter Scott Gillis joking around and making that miserable, cold and wet day entertaining like the rock star he was. I am very sad to hear of tonight’s fire and it is such a loss for the community. Such beauty came with the originality of this location. Thoughts are with everyone who works there and the family. Thank you for the memories and being the most amazing place in the valley💜


Carolyn J. Brewer‎
April 1, 2016
I love Wheaton’s. One of my favorite stores. So many wonderful gift ideas.


Heidi Manicom‎
March 31, 2016
I bought my current bedroom set from Wheaton’s about five years ago and love it. What I’d love to have is the Farmhouse bed for our cottage. It would look perfect with the renovations were doing. Have a great day folks.


Betty-Ann Sparks
March 30, 2016
Love all the wonderful decor pieces and furniture at Wheaton’s! I do most of my gift-shopping there.


Wanda Elliott Smith‎
February 24, 2016
I almost forgot to thank Wheaton’s in Sackville for the free coffee Saturday!! A great surprise when you pick the secret flavour & they start ringing bells & tell you your coffee kcups are free!!!!


Russell Poole
January 28, 2016
Stopped into Wheaton’s Halifax to pick up some K-cups and had some spare time to browse the store. I was impressed with the different things and just as impressed with the price. Many things I haven’t seen before at any other store. Nice to see SOLID wood furniture too, which is very well built! It’s hard to find good craftsmanship in our press wood society, and they have a good selection of it. The staff were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. All were happy and more than willing to help out and answer my questions. I will definitely be going back.


Sheryl Longard
April 1, 2016
There is no other store like this in HRM. If you want superb quality, huge selection, fresh ideas, meaningful inspiration, warm ambiance, friendly & knowledgeable staff, or if you need “shopping therapy” this is the only store that consistently provides all of the above, and more. We are blessed to have such an honorable family business in our area. Anything you need/want for home or family is there. Now that we are grandparents with a little extra time and money, I prefer choosing highest quality gifts from Wheaton’s. Heirlooms easy to find at any location or for any occasion. Love, LOVE Wheaton’s. Hmmmmmm… I think it’s time to go back on this rainy day!


Orange Flame
February 14, 2016
Wheaton’s Dartmouth Crossing is always a pleasant shopping experience. The ladies who are employed there are always happy and pleasant. They greet you with a “Hello” and a smile when you walk in and a “Thank You” and another smile as you are leaving. They are always around to assist you, however they are not overbearing. A perfect store!! Beautiful products and always something different for that person who has everything. Thank you Wheaton’s!


Tammy Regular
March 11, 2015
Love their candles! Been using them for over a decade! Best store to find special unique gifts for friends & family! And a wonderful place to take a stroll through just to relax and enjoy the scenery as well!


Liane Banks Curtis
February 13, 2016
My mother was in Wheaton’s Fredericton yesterday and they showed her exceptional kindness and went above and beyond great service for her. Thank you for making her day! She was also very delighted when her counter arrived today!


Bill McEachern
September 5, 2016
Love the products they carry, you’ll find stuff here that you wouldn’t dream even existed.